Are Sex Dolls Legal ?


The first question that comes to most people's minds when buying a sex doll is "Are sex dolls legal?" "Is it legal to buy sex dolls in my country?" So let me take a closer look at whether buying sex dolls is legal.

sex doll

Definition of sex doll

First, you need to understand, what exactly is a sex doll? Is it adult products or sex trafficking? This can be answered without hesitation, of course it is an adult product, then I will ask you another question:
"Is it reasonable to open an adult shop in your country?"
I believe that 99.9% of people have seen the adult products store around them in their daily life, so since the sales of adult products are legal, the sales of sex dolls are also legal.
A sex doll is just a large adult product, essentially no different from those dildos and masturbators.

Few illegal sex dolls

While sex dolls are items that can be reasonably sold and purchased, some miniature sex dolls in sex dolls can be violated in certain countries. In some countries, it is expressly prohibited to ship sex dolls that are less than 120cm or 140cm in height, and sex dolls with faces that look like child dolls, so if you are buying a mini sex doll, you need to check first if your country can ship it, if It was really unfortunate that the doll was confiscated by customs.

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